We're building a community of game-changing founders and partners. We're primarily focused on supporting diverse and solo founders. We don't need to explain diversity to you, but read below if you're interested in learning about why we're helping solo founders.

Why solo founders?

It’s hard being a solo founder.

Most startups fail. Even more solo founder startups fail.

It's no wonder why...

  • Mental Health - you are going on this journey alone and you're going against the grain
  • Resources - you have a fraction of the resources of the large majority founding teams
  • Skills - the set of available skills is limited to just those you have
  • Ideation - there is no co-founder to bounce ideas off of and help ideate
  • Feedback - there is no one going through the same process as you who can give you detailed feedback
  • Decision making - we're all human and we make mistakes, but you don't have anyone there to stop you making bad decisions
  • It's less fun - there's no one to share the highs and the lows with, no one who truly understands and is there to cheer you up when things go wrong
  • Accountability - there is no co-founder relying on you and keeping you in check and on target
  • Expensive - you move slower and as a result end up paying extra to make up for your limitations
  • Investment - it's harder to get investor meetings and harder to convince them to invest

We're tackling these problems with Founder Tribe.

The Founder Tribe community brings together talented solo founders with shared values.

Fellow tribe members help solve each other's problems, meeting regularly in London at our events and remotely too.

Founder Tribe creates tools, mechanisms, frameworks and processes to ensure the tribe's success.

Run by Maxx Turing; made valuable by the many more who attend, contribute and share their experiences and wisdom with the rest of the community.

We currently grow through recommendations from our community. Have someone to recommend or want to get in touch with us about something else? Email maxx@foundertribe.org.

Our Values

  1. Community
  2. Be nice. Relationships matter and collaboration is key. Give and get back to and from your fellow tribe members.

  3. Execution
  4. Ideas are worthless. What's important? Getting stuff done and figuring stuff out.

  5. Iteration
  6. Keep evolving your idea in response to customer feedback, not sure what to do? Speak to your customers.

  7. Vulnerability
  8. Awareness of your weaknesses is just as important as awareness of your strengths. Share your problems and weaknesses with others in a supportive environment.

  9. Diversity
  10. Different backgrounds, different ways of thinking, different networks; a strong tribe is a diverse tribe.